A Claim against a psychiatrist is based upon his lack of care. He cannot be held responsible for all the results of his advice but he must use reasonable care, as with any other professional person. Whilst the psychologist analyses the situation, the psychiatrist looks to medication or other solutions including, for example, cognitive thereapy. There has been much adverse publicity regarding seroxat and other medication. It might be that a psychiatrist who inappropriately prescribes a drug br over or under prescribing or just prescribing the wrong drug might well face your wrath and a legitimate claim. If you have been to see a psychiatrist, then you were entitled to be dealt with sensitively and not suffer losses as a result of negligent misdiagnosis or sheer incompetence. In the same way as any other professional person can be sued, so a psychiatrist is answerable to you for any actions he has taken on your behalf which fell short of the required standard of a competent psychiatrist. This is a serious area where consequences, as in any other medical situation, can be catastrophic.

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